How do I get products to try in my salon?

The market for natural hair care is huge in my city. I am a 4c Naturalista and I want to retail several lines of natural hare care products in the salon I will be opening in 3-6 months. It is important that the brands I sell in my salon are NOT available in drug stores, grocery stores or Wal-Mart and of course I want to acquire these brands wholesale.How do I get this ball rolling?

1 Answer

Hi faith.mcgraw,This sounds like an excellent opportunity. Congratulations on the new salon! I would suggest making a list of the brands that you want to acquire. Look on youTube–some natural hair vloggers have their own brands or talk about non-mainstream brands they like. CurlMart has some of these kinds of brands. Some may be found by searching on Etsy or just a simple google search. Once you have a solid list, start contacting these brands and telling them your story. Its important that you let them know what you have to offer (the fact that natural hair care is huge in your city). Negotiate with them if they are willing to (it may be a different deal for every brand). If possible get some advice from a friend who might have any kind of relevant experience in this kind of business. If some brands (maybe bigger ones turn you down now, go back to them and show them what you have to offer again once you have become successful. They may be ready to work with you then. Be willing to work with smaller brands that don't have as much to offer (not as well known), of course don't operate at a loss, but if you can both benefit go ahead.I'm not a business major or an expert on any of this but I've shared with you what I've gleaned from my own experiences.I hope its helpful!