How do I reduce frizz and add moisture to my 3B color-treated hair?

So here is my routine: I co-wash with Tresemme/biosilk conditioner every other day/every time I wet my hair. Then I scrunch dry, put in a curl defined and set with an oil, usually Garnier or biosilk and go! I don't use a deep conditioner, though I know I should... and I tried a pre-poo mixture once, home made, but didn't like it. What products/techniques do you recommend? I color treat my hair every two/three months.

1 Answer

Your hair type looks similar to mine, so maybe parts of my routine might work for you. I found that getting healthy curls with less frizz all comes down to how you wash, dry, and sleep on it. Before I wash my hair, I put some olive oil or almond oil in my palms and work it into my hair, starting with the tips. I use the oil to gently de-tangle with my fingers, before I even wet my hair. I use SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Rentention shampoo. I tried the no-shampoo thing for a while, but found that my hair curls better when it it shiny and clean. I swear by the SheaMoisture shampoo. It is very gentle, doesn't strip my hair, and makes it very shiny and clean. They sell it at CVS and Target. I shampoo starting with my scalp, and let the shampoo just run through the rest of my hair to clean it. You might find that you need more to get the oil out of your hair though.After that I condition. My two favorites for my hair type are Nature's Gate conditioners (herbal and aloe are my favs) and Everyday Shea Conditioner, which I find at Whole Foods. I tend to go with the Everyday Shea because you can get a huge bottle for $10. Both of these are herbal, no silicones or sulfates.I tend not to scrunch my hair because it caused the curls to separate. I dry it two ways: either 'pineappling' it (there are tons of tutorials about this) or just letting it down to dry. I use old tee-shirts to dry instead of towels, which reduces frizz.I don't always use a leave-in conditioner. I often do in the winter, when I tend to keep my hair in braids as a protective style, and the I put a bunch in the ends. I usually hate leave-in conditioners because they weigh my hair down. BUT, I have found one brand that I love: Beautiful Curls shea butter curl-enhancing leave in conditioner. It is very light, smells lovely, and has nice botanical ingredients. I also find that at Whole Foods, again for a surprisingly decent price. Another thing you could try: every week or so, after conditioning, rinse you hair with a cup or water that has a bit of apple cider vinegar in it. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it out. This is a great alternative to shampoos. I couldn't believe how soft and shiny it made my hair feel. I deep condition sometimes, but not often. Maybe once every few months I get around to it. You can just use your regular conditioner and leave it in longer. Or, I sometimes use an oil. Hope this helps!