I have salt and pepper hair; I wear a twa Searching for products that don't turn my white hair brown

my hair is 4a/4c

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You can use a toning shampoo and/or conditioner. You may not need to use the shampoo for washing all the time just periodically smooth and massage it into your hair gently leave it in for a few minutes (follow the directions) then rinse. If you use other cleansers the rest of the time, which I would recommend, please be sure that they are gentle moisturizing and don't have any sulfates.Here is a table of sulfate-free shampoos to try when not using a purple shampoo: http://www.thenaturalhavenbloom.com/2012/06/sulfat...Unless you are clarifying/deep cleaning your hair (no more that once a month), it would be best to stick to one of the cleansers in the two columns to the right that are more gentle as your regular cleanser. If you already have a regular use gentle cleanser that you like then that should be fine to keep using as long as it is sulfate-free.    Shimmer Lights conditioning purple shampoo and Tigi Catwalk Violet shampoo and conditioner are two toning shampoos that I am familiar with. I'm not sure of how the Tigi does for gray, but I know the Clairol Shimmer Lights works really well on gray. They use the same concept to work so any purple, violet shampoo for blonde, white, gray, non-pigmented hair, should work for this.Other things to avoid in your products are drying alcohols and heavy hard to remove stuff like waxes or petrolatum/mineral oil. These should always be avoided anyway, but all the more to prevent dryness or the need to use clarifying cleansers often to remove heavy buildup.A guide to ingredients to avoid and whyArticle on Good/Bad alcoholsI hope that helps!