How do I save time and money on a little budget on products that might not work for me?

How do I sample a product before I pay full price for a product that might not work for my hair?

1 Answer

I have personally wasted a lot of money on what doesn't work. I know for sure that a lot of people including myself like SheaMoisture. Specifically Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk. If you don't have the budget to continuously purchase more of an expensive product, don't even bother trying the expensive ones. Oyin has been pretty good too and some stores, like Curlmart, offer free samples or let you buy sample sizes. Keeping it simple and trying one new product at a time is key. Then you can really test if that product works for your routine. Rule out obvious problem products like shampoos with sulfates that will dry out your hair and keep you from experiencing the full effects of any conditioner or moisturizer. You can go to our products page to search for reviews on specific products you want to try. You can see most people's curl type next to their review. YouTube reviews are also a good resource especially if you can find your hair twins or a least some vloggers with similar hair. Just search for the name of the product or another good way to find some products is to search for and watch videos of people's hair routine or products they use. Some of them will talk about how those products work. You can get some reviews for your hair type specifically on NaturallyCurly's main YouTube and our new channel: The Twist by NaturallyCurly. If you have friends with similar natural hair, try swapping products with them. There are also some online communities of naturals where they do product swaps, just google it. I haven't done that before so I don't know the specifics. If you get any shampoo, conditioner or moiturizer or styler that doesn't moisturize that well or that is too drying, or just doesn't work too great, try using it differently. Try a conditioner as a cowash or add a little olive oil to make it a pre shampoo treatment or deep conditioner. Add olive oil to a shampoo that is too drying. Add lighter oils like grape seed or jojoba to a moisturizer to make it more effective. This will help you use up products that you have already purchased. Get creative--you don't have to use it the way the instructions say to. Make it work for you. And if it doesn't, see if you can swap with someone for another product. Also, if you have an Ulta store where you live, they have a great return policy on products. You can return stuff that at least has, I think 2/3 or 1/2 of the product left. Just ask or maybe look it up online. They tend to sell a lot of pricey products but if you've done your research and really want to try something then this will be a good option. Once you find something you really like, stick to it. Don't go out and buy the next new product to see if it works too. I used to be pretty bad about doing that. I really hope that helps!!