I have splitends i need to know what product to use for moisturizing my hair and wearing it down

i thought about getting my hair cut and i found a style i like but i realized i would have to flat iron it all the time amd thats the problem now i flat iron it to much and i have split ends people tells me my hair is pretty but im trying  to  make myself like it ,i need some good moisturizing products my hair type is 3b and its so poofy when it dries please help!

1 Answer

Hi there! I would recommend to get those split ends cut! Split ends are only fixed by gettind rid of them, but you can always prevent them! You would have to stop straightening your hair though because it is so damaging. I'm not saying you should stop completely because I can't tell you what to do, it's just what's healthy for your hair. To moisturise your hair you should get a good deep conditioner with no harmful ingredients in them, or even make it yourself! Many curly girls here love to share their recipes. Cowashing and getting a good conditioner with great ingredients is a great idea! Make sure they have no sulfates, silicones, etc. If it's "poofy" that means that it's most likely frizz so moisture is a must. Get some oils for your hair, too! To see what is good for your hair you have to be bold and try new things! Trial and error is possible but it's part of the journey of healthy bouncy curls! I hope this helps! Good luck!