Where do I start?

I just heard about CG. I have no idea where to start. I have 2c-3a hair that is medium-high porosity, high density, and medium to thick in width.I want to get my hair soft. I want to be able to define the curls and both need to be done on a relatively low budget and little to no style time.Help (Ideas?)? Preferably products that can be found at walmart or target.

1 Answer

To get your hair soft it will need lots of moisture!! Start by using your normal shampoo (probably with sulfates in it to clarify any silicones that may be on the hair). After this last time with his shampoo you will only shampoo with a light conditioner (called co-washing, or a mild sulfate free shampoo). Follow this last wash with a rinse out or deep conditioner with (silicone free) and comb w/ a wide tooth comb in the shower while wet. Scrunch to allow curls to form. Put in leave in while hair is still wet, add a curl enhancer, followed by a cream (since your hair is thicker, if it were fine you could possibly skip this step). Then add gel. Any drying of the hair should be done with a T-shirt not a towel. Look up plopping on youtube and do that. Remove T-shirt you just plopped with and don't touch your hair except to move any pieces in the front into position. Let it air dry!!Here are some recommendations you can get at Target, Walmart, Drugstores:Wash: VO5  or Suave Naturals conditioner ($.75-$2.00)Rinse out Cond: Tresemme Naturals or un(done) Conditioner ($5)Deep: Shea Moisture has an option in each of their lines ($12), Or org. coconut oilLeave In: Kinky Curly Knot Today ($16 but so worth it)Enhancer: Cantu or Taliah Waajid curl cream ($5-$8)Gel: LA Sport (level 8 or 10) ($2-$4)Hope you get the soft curls you're going for. If your hair feels hard, dry or matted while in the shower using any product it could indicate a protein/coconut sensitivity. If so, do some research on that to find out the ingredients to avoid.Welcome on the CG train! It's a good ride!