How do I stop my curls from having that 'wet' look?

Hello! Im currently using the trepadora products (CG friendly sulfate free shampoo, conditioner and curl creme) and I diffuse my hair afterwards. These products make my hair look healthy and moisturised but they also look like they're constantly wet! How do I stop this effect, or are there other products I should try instead? My curl pattern ranges from 2c to 3b. I'd appreciate any help x

1 Answer

You can try mixing the curl cream with water.Use a gel, after you break the cast you don't have that wet look any longer.Finally you could try a mousse, although that gives me a crunchy feel that I don't like and they don't look wet but they look stiff.So in my opinion the best option is mixing the curl cream with water and if you see you need more definition or that you still have that look go for the gel.