I have THICK hair and product runs out very quickly for me. I'm only fifteen and I don't have a job.

I basically only use products from the Shea moisture line and if you know Shea moisture they give you only a bit of product at a very high price. Since my hair is so thick I go through my hair products fairly quickly and it's extremely frustrating. Since I don't have a job as yet my parents have to buy hair products for me and it gets my mother annoyed when I ask her to but more hair things every two weeks or so. Any tips or  ideas for me? Btw I have 3b, 3c, 4a hair, but it's mostly 3c.

1 Answer

Hi there, I use shea moisture products as well and my previous jar of the smoothie lasted about a 6-8 months! You could use a leave in conditioner underneath the shea products so your hair is already moisturized, then you add the shea moisture to define the curls. A brand that works for me is Cantu, it's half the price of shea moisture where I live. Hope this helps!