I think I have 3b hair what styling products can I use to not make my hair feel crunchy?

I love the coils that form but my hair always looks separated and crunchy like I've used gel. what products would be more moisturizing?

3 Answers

try shea moisture curl smoothie! Saturate your hair and either diffuse or let it air dry
that's not a loot that gel would give, it's the look of not styled properly, I would urge you use use the devacurls gels, style on SOAKING WET hair that's still dripping if you a scared of devacurl for whatever reason, use bouclemes gel or cream(you can get it this worldwide, just google search it) , and NEVER rake through your hair, only smooth and scrunch. Your hair tells me you've raked/combed/brushed the product through your hair. 
Why not give the Boots pink curl creme a shot?It works great for moisturizing and defining, it's curly-girl friendly, and super cheap!Great stuff!