how often should i use a protein treatment and how much should i condition?

hello!I wanted to ask a question regarding certain hair products and how and when to use! I have wavy curly hair that always seem to get so dry all the time and it is really stopping me from trying to grow my hair nice and long! my hair has been shoulder length for 3 years now! I went to a hairdresser and she recommende joico k-pak reconstructoer to help with my splint ends and also using the hydrator conditioner (also k pak) from the same line and it would really fix my hair. The thing is I have NO idea what i'm doing , I have read so many articles on how hair can get too much protein or too much moisture and there needs to be a balance. I have tried different tests to see (hair tests) if my hair needs either or and it hasn't 't really done anything because no matter if I moisturize or use  the protein treatment (always followed by the conditioner) my hair is always so dead and lifeless what am I doing wrong? Also, I have started using deva curl no poo hand conditioner  as well how can I ix the deva curl routine in with the k-pak products I already hae?

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HI Amarylis09, Keep in mind that once you start using these protein treatments it will take time for your hair to see results. And the protein treatments are not enough if you want to grow your hair. You also need to get plenty of vitamins and minerals in your fruits and veggies, drink lots of water, and stay away from the flat irons. Cutting off heat is the only way to undo the damage. Do you use heat a lot? How do you like using DevaCurl No Poo? Do you feel like your scalp is clean afterwards? I ask because it sounds like you're putting a lot of moisture into your hair and it could lead to some serious product buildup. Be sure to use a sulfate free shampoo every now and then to keep product buildup away. My suggestion for your regimen is this: if you feel like No Poo is really cleaning your scalp, use that followed by the K pak conditioner 2-3 times a week. Don't wash your hair too often, because you're putting lots of moisture into your hair. Then, use the K Pak deep treatment once a week. You don't want to do it anymore than that because you will be getting too much protein. Once you start seeing results, change it to once every 2 weeks. Remember, you won't notice a difference right away. It will take time for your hair to show some results. Stay away from harsh chemicals and flat irons, stick with the deep treatments and your hair will repair itself. :)