I use tgel for scalp psoriasis, t2 course, hp hair. Help - I need product recommendations!

1 Answer

Hi , I know its hard to deal with scalp psoriasis. Here is my experience, take with grain of salt , this may or may not works for you. Several years ago, when I dyed and highlighted and straightened my hair a lot I had scalp issues. I went to dermatologist. He prescribed Nizoral shampoo. It was expensive , so I go a lower strength Nizoral shampoo at CVS. It worked ok. I washed my hair every other day. After I got the severe inflammation under control ( and I ran out of Nizoral ) I swapped to Johnson s Baby shampoo. Washed my hair every other day. Oiled my scalp once a week ( at night before my wash day ) with Natural 7 oil from Sallys beauty. This routine ( along with less hair dye, blow dry, and straight) cured me. Now I m free to use what I want. I know if I start having issues I go back to Baby shampoo. The apple cider vinegar I tried and it burned to badly . So I would recommend mild baby shampoo and oiling your scalp. Some of the medicated shampoos are very expensive and don't work. Good luck!