I used Queen Helene-Curl Shaping Crème after DC and my regular post wash steps but my 4c hairs dry!

1 Answer

If you feel like a product is making your hair feel dry, even if you don't know why, eliminate it from your routine to see if the dryness improves. Don't let your hair suffer just because you feel like you have to use up a product. I used this product a while back and I don't think I really liked it in my hair. If you still want to try using it, be sure to moisturize really well underneath with leave-in conditioner, moisturizing milk or lotion and then seal with and oil before applying the Queen Helene. You can also try cocktailing/mixing your moisturizer, oil and the Queen Helene right in your hand and then applying it to your hair to see if that helps.If your hair is still coming out dry I'd suggest dropping the Queen Helene.I hope that helps!