Am I using the right products?

okay so I have 3a wavy curly hair and I been trying to go all natural (8 months without heat) I really want to recover all my damaged waves,  but I really don't know if I'm using the right products?  please help!  here's a list of the products I frequently use Virgin organic coconut oil Coconut oil repair mask Shea moisture raw deep treatment mask Devacurl no pooCarols daughter mirabelle plum shampooShea moisture 10 in 1 renewal system conditioner As I am leave in conditioner Carols daughter mimosa hair honey Devacurl frizz free volumizing foamDevacurl firm holding defining gelKinky curly knot today Herbal essences blowout cream      

1 Answer

sounds like everything you've mentioned are really great choices . I say , good job !!  What works for one might not work for all , and that's ok. One concern , how often do you shampoo and condition ?