I wanna wash 'n' Gee-O.

I'm hoping I can get some " Curl Power" here. My hair type is actually 3a/3b low density and low porosity/ protein sensitive. Ugggh I know. I have wasted so much gas money buying these curly products that leave my hair a brittle,hard, matted, greasy, straw-like mess?? Product lines used: Mixed Chicks, Curls Unleashed, Cantu Coconut Curling cream ( though I LOOOOVE their plain leave-in) Miss Jessies and the beloved Shea Moisture products. There has got to be a common ingredient in these products that beat my hair up on a cellular level!? Protein may be one obvious ingredient. Can someone, aaanyone refer me to an organic styling product and/or line that may get my WNG's cookin.  

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