I want my gel to be able to scrunch my curls, but also smooth my hair when it's in an updo. But...

for some reason, using Ecostyler olive oil gel straightens and makes my hair look/feel SUPER dry when I Denman brush it down ( for buns, ponytails). Isn't gel supposed to lay my hair down, but not take away the curly look? I only style my hair when it's completely wet/really damp. And when I try to scrunch my curls, it looks the way I want it until 2 hours later and my hair starts to look like a puff. There's nothing wrong with puffs, but I get upset when I want to achieve a certain look with my wash n go's, and I'm up at night/early in the morning just for it to become a puff. Could humidity be a problem? Can someone recommend me done good gel brands to use for both scrunching curls and laying it down smooth? I have 4A hair.

1 Answer

Good morning BelloMia,Gels are formulated to enhance your curl pattern while pomades and edge control products are formulated with intentions to lay the hair flat against your head. I have noticed that as long as I slightly wet my hair, apply (almost any) styling product, and secure the style with a satin scarf, my hair will be laid in the morning.In regards to your hair expanding as it dries, that may just be the nature of your hair. You may want to try applying gel on damp hair instead of soaking wet hair. One thing that has changed my wash and go's is sitting under my hard hooded dryer with the coolest setting for an hour. This expedites the drying process and prevents my roots loosing definition. I hope this helps!Best,Amanda