I want to start wearing my curls, but what products?

I've been relaxing all my life until about two years ago. Due to leave out weave, the front part of my hair is straight and the rest is curly. What products or methods are best to transition to curly from straight and how do I maintain it so I can wear it out to work or school? I would like to have my hair like the picture below!!

1 Answer

Your question says that you want to wear your curls, but further down you ask about products to help you transition from curly to straight. I'm guessing you meant "from straight to curly". If your hair does not "curl" or "clump" while it is wet, then you may not have a curl pattern that would warrant your wearing your hair like the picture you posted without some type of styling products/tools. You have your hair type on here as 4A and if you want the looser curls in the picture you will probably have to style it as such. However, you can do lovely wash'n'go's with your texture; you just have to find a routine that works for you. I have a texture similar to yours and I am currently experimenting with the Maximum Hydration Method (a modified version). I love it so far and my curls have began to clump and pop (keep in mind though, my hair does this when wet as well). To give you the best suggestions on products and routines, we will need to know more about your hair needs and troubles. This way we can give you a better idea of what to use and do.