I went natural 2yrs ago but messed up when i dyed my hair it is now falling out unmanageable and

shedding but that isn't all i put a texturizer in my hair about a month ago now i have no clue what to do please help

3 Answers

1.Protein Treatment.2. Braids!! Cornrows, or even extension braids- BUT NO TOO TIGHT. Or too much extension hair, as that will pull on your damaged hair. No more wearing your hair out. Combing it every day will just cause more misery. It needs to be left alone. 3. Deep condition weekly! I recommend ORS Hair Mayonnaise. And a repair/protect shampoo.4. Moisturizer and oil. I recommend castor oil mixed with an essential sweet smelling oil mix you can buy ( I'll put links down below). Or just straight up coconut oil- smells good, can't go wrong.That's it really. And stay away from the heat, dye and chemicals.Essential Oil Mix by Profectiv-- This oil says it's a 'growth oil' but that is nonsense. However, it kept my hair soft and sealed. Smelled nice. I bought it twice, before I switched oils.Africa's Best Max Strength Oil-- THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. Smells so good and made my Afro feel like clouds. My moisturiser of choice by Profectiv-- This is the best moisturiser I've used out of the 2 I've bought before. Premium product, smells good. Softens the hair. I would use this over night when the hair is braided up. Lovely and soft in the morning. Oily, not watery. Love it.I hope this is helpful and you get your hair to be growing out soon. By the way I am no expert, these are things that have worked for me. I also messed up my NHJ after 3 years and am currently transitioning from all over heat damage. Not a single strand of my hair escaped, ha!Good luck with it all!
After two chemical processes (hair dye and texturizing) your hair is pretty damaged, judging from the picture.  As the previous answer suggests, protein and deep conditioning treatments may help temporarily strengthen your strands and reduce the amount of breakage, but this isn't a permanent solution. Ultimately, you will very likely have to cut your hair off, either all at once, or gradually to have the healthy curls you're seeking. A texturizer is basically a mild relaxer, which means your strands are no longer natural, using the conventional definition.  The good news is that every relaxed woman is only 6-8 weeks from going natural.  Why not big chop and have fun getting to know and love your curls and coils all over again?  If you'd prefer a more gradual approach, you can always protective style using braids, weaving or wearing wigs until you're comfortable enough to lop off the straight ends.In the future, I suggest going to a professional stylist for color services.  An expert can help you determine how many shades you can safely lift your original color without damaging your curls.
I hope the other answers were helpful to you. It would be best to stay away from any kind of chemical processing and even brazilian keratin treatments (sometimes those can make the hair feel like straw after the first wash, at least in my experience). Like the others said let your hair grow, possibly in braids . Braiding only your own hair and not adding extensions would be the more gentle option for your fragile hair right now, since extensions will add extra weight and even taking all the precautions NifaDean mentioned you can still experience breakage. The best thing I ever did for my hair when it was brittle and breaking from color process was to cut off the damaged hair. Even if you don't do it all at once, try to trim more off every 6-8 weeks at least.Along with putting on moisturizing and strengthening products, make sure you are drinking enough water (6-8 glasses a day, try choosing water over other drinks). That is where the best source of moisture can come from. Strength and health for your hair will also come from eating nutrient-rich food. First, your hair is made of protein, so if you eat the daily suggested amount of your choice of eggs, nuts, fish, chicken, beef, pork, dark leafy greens, cheese, greek yogurt you'll directly be feeding and strengthening your new growth. Eating fruits and veggies will also help nourish your hair making it healthier as it grows out of your scalp. I also recommend taking a daily multivitamin and if you like a hair, skin and nails supplement. If you are already doing these, that's  great! If not, definitely talk to a doctor (because I am not one!:) before starting to change your diet drastically. I hope that helps!