I'm keen to hear peoples thoughts on the Deva range, specific products that have, or haven't worked?

1 Answer

I have mixed feelings about Devacurl for my hair personally, but my general consensus is that the products do work. No poo and low poo clean gently, one condition moisturizes, the gels (light defining and arcangel) define well and the hold lasts through the night, b'leave-in made my curls bouncy ad full, etc. My only issue is that they are full of polyquats. If you have normal to high porosity hair, you should be fine. If you know you don't have a polyquat issue, I would definitely recommend them. They are generally the easier to remove polyquats, but everything builds up on my super low porosity hair, so they still give me trouble. Overall, I think everyone should try this line unless they know they have a polyquat/buildup problem.