In search of Qhemet Biologics Honeybush Soft gel

Hi Ladies,This is my first post and I hope you can help. I am a dedicated Qhemet Biologics user. I have 3c-4a hair (big chop from locs a year ago). I love Qhemet biologics honey bush soft gel that has been discontinued. My last bottle is almost gone. I have tried other products that are either just okay or are too hard, crunchy, heavy, etc. Does anyone have any that they purchased and didn't like??? I'm willing to buy partial containers that are less than a year old. Or do you have a retailer close to you with some inventory on hand that you can refer me to? I am near desperate and broken-hearted missing my gel. It's perfect for my hair. This gel makes my hair  soft, moisturized and defined with a natural feel like no other gel. I hope you can help. I'm not a product junkie and trying to find a substitute is more stress than fun.

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