is there something I can use on my daughters hair to will loosen up her curls? she is 2 and biracial

5 Answers

By your daughter being so young chances are her curls will change as she gets older. However the only thing that I personally know of that may loosen her curl pattern is henna.
Though personally, I think tight curls are cute, you can use argan oil to make it softer, looser and tamer. Argan oil is not greasy and it's easy to use. Just add a few drops to damp hair and let it air dry. I use one called Pro Naturals Hair Repair System argan oil serum, which I got online. Hope this helps! :)
My daughter had tight curls when she was young. I used an olive oil hair lotion or leave in conditioner and made two ponytails on each side of one big one in the back and did a twist or braid.
Try using a texture softener. It helps tight curls loosen up. Make sure to follow all of the instructions. I used the "just for me texturizerThe one with the 2 girls in the front an yellow background with hearts. That helped me loosen my curls. If your not sure about the softener, I recommend olive oil because it makes hair softer and easier to manage
Do chunky twists every night before she goes to bed. Or braid into 2 large pigtails and bun them up at night. The next morning, unravel, apply some water from a spray bottle mixed with your conditioner, and add a little bit of gel or jelly to smooth the frizz that might happen later in the day.