ISO different product for volume, currently using Tigi Curls Rock Amplifier in blue bottle

Im currently using Curls Rock Amplifier, the one in the blue bottle not the black and teal. I like how it holds my curls and gives me volume but after day 3 it weighs down my hair.  I have 3b hair that is fine.  All the creams I've tried (Deva Curl, MOP C curl cream, various other cream products) either don't hold the curl and give me major frizz, or weigh my hair down.  I'm not a fan of the curly girl style, because the curls laying so flat against my head just don't look right.  I really want volume!  Does anybody have any suggestions?  I typically use 3-5 pumps of my tigi on day 1, then spray my hair with water and put one more pump in for day 2-5.

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