Itchy Scalp Help!.

Hi you guys, I have this TERRIBLE issue with my scalp it itches LIKE CRAZY!. I've been off the creamy crack for a little over a year now, i've been transitioning over the year with braids,weaves, twists, etc. and I've rarely had any issues with the itching. Recently (maybe 3 weeks ago) i had yarn braids in, they were in for about a month and a half. i constantly conditioned and oiled my hair as i normally do and again no itchiness. When i removed my braids i thought it was time to finally get rid of the processed ends so i clipped them off. Since ive been wearing my natural hair out my scalp has been driving me INSANE. I've been using the same shampoos and other products that i've always use and the itchy scalp stays, i've deep conditioned, ive done hot oil treatments and vinegar rinses, and of course oiled my scalp, they help for about a day and the itchiness continues and i dont want to over oil my hair or overload on the condtioning. Is there any other remedies or methods anyone can suggest?.

1 Answer

first got to the doctor. now dont worry but just to be safe you should go and if nothing is wrong then try useing light leave in coditiners and not so much oils.