I've heard about Curlformers. What do they do?

I'm just wondering what these things are.

1 Answer

I haven't tried them out for myself, yet i do know they are a flexi rod -roller conjunction . (the curformer is like a sock tube thing) it comes with a hook to help pull your hair through the curlformer. You section off your hair into sections , depending on your hair thickness and length. Apply your moisturizer, detangle, and add your favorite hold product(wrap and set mousse, gel,creme,leave in etc.) make sure your hair isnt TOO wet. Then you get the gray hook that i mentioned earlier and grasp your hair at the base with it.Then just pull through until the hair is completly through the hook. Thats it! Just repeat to all of the section of your hair. Its best to sleep in them overnight . Then in the morning to remove them just grab your hair at the base, straighten the rod and pull and taa-daa ! You should have heatless curled hair(= I added a link below to better explain. Hope i was helpful ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VMzDUBiaiI