I've been using Deva Curl Products - Want to switch to other products. Help!

I've been using Deva Curl ProductsLow Poo, One Condition and Ultra Gel for bout 2 months now. First month was great and my curls had amazing bounce and shine.Second month, my hair feels like its thinning so much and my hair has become more dull and is loosing its bounce. Some strands of hair are looking stringy. Can anyone recommend other amazing products for my type 3A curls? 

2 Answers

For shampoo, I recommend anything by SheaMoisture. They have lots of different shampoos you can choose from.For conditioner, anything by SheaMoisture is good as well, you could also try a Suave Naturals or Vo5 conditioner if you want something cheaper.But, before you buy new products, I would recommend clarifying your hair. In a cup or container, mix two parts conditioner with one part baking soda, and in a separate cup mix two parts water with one part apple cider vinegar. Get in the shower and scrub your scalp with the conditioner-baking soda mixture, like you would with shampoo. Rinse well. Then pour the water-apple cider vinegar mixture over your hair. Rinse again. Then apply conditioner and gel like you normally would. The baking soda will really lift off any stubborn buildup, and the apple cider vinegar will shut down your hair's cuticle, which can get raised after using baking soda because it's alkaline. If your hair looks good after doing this whole routine, then the DevaCurl products probably build up on your hair. You can do this routine once a month to keep your hair looking good.But if your hair still doesn't look good after doing this routine, then the DevaCurl products probably aren't a good match for you. Try some of the products I recommended, or you can look up curly hair routines on YouTube for some ideas.Hope I helped! :)
Yes to Carrots is a drugstore dupe for one condition and its protein free! I love it