Just moved to Houston from Boston, need suggestions for these 70+ dew points!

I just moved to Houston from Boston to start a new job, was well aware of the high dews, but it has been consistently 70+...I brought my BRHG thinking that would do the trick as this is what I use during summers in MA, however, it has not been cutting it. Any product/gel suggestions for dews 70+? Is it hopeless? Am I going to be wearing my hair up for the next 3 months? I saw one rec for CJ aloe fix- any thoughts on that? my hair likes humectants pretty much when the dews are between 52-54 haha, very small window, so I'm assuming I need to stay away from those. Also just bought kinky curly gloss pomade, after reading about anti-humectants for high dews, but this is more of a finisher, and can't be the only product to use. Thank you all so much in advance!

1 Answer

Hi Mpro88, I live in Austin, TX, but I frequently travel to Houston...and I feel your pain. The humidity is awful. But that's great that you are well educated on dew points and how your hair behaves with humectants. Have you tried our frizz forecast tool? It's a nifty tool that gives you product suggestions based on location. Check out the tool, but I suggest looking into anti-humectants. Here's a great list of anti-humectant products. Hope that helps!