what kind of hair products to use?

hey my name is sunidhi and. My hairtype is 2b. According to the article I should use light styling products to not weigh my hair down. But my hair density is high and to keep my hair in control I gotta use heavy products otherwise a bit of humidity and my hair goes *poof* a big mess. What do you suggest?

1 Answer

Hi Sunidhi14, If you need products with good hold, I recommend DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel, and Ouidad Heat and Humidity Gel. The first one is completely CG friendly and provides really good shape. The second one has silicones, but it really prevents frizz like no other gel I've seen. Both of those are really thin products (so they won't weigh your hair down) but they also provide great hold, so give em a shot. If you need something a little heavier, try the EcoStyler Olive Oil gel. It won Best of the Best last year, so our community loves it!  I also really like Mop Top's Curly Custard. Thick and provides great hold. Good luck! Ask me any questions. :)