What kind of products should I use for my 3b/3c fine curly hair?

I've been natural since January 1st and just recently got my hair straightened and also got a trim on August 3rd. I'm still clueless on what products to use. I like to only put natural oils in my hair, like coconut oil, olive oil, etc. But I need a styling product that is all natural, and not something that will weigh my fine hair down. I started to do flat twist outs after I wash my hair but I don't like to use gel since I like soft curls, so my twist outs end up getting REALLY frizzy after 10 minutes. I also need more styling tips, I've been sticking to flat twisting the front and bringing the rest of my hair into a low bun, and its getting a little boring, so I need more cute protective styles. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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