Anyone know product similar to B&B Straight discontinued Gel? Was magic for my hair & unscented

Bumble & Bumble used to have a gel called Straight - but they discontinued it.  Don't know what it did for others but if I put it in my hair it gave me the most beautiful curls ever.  It was literally magic.  And it was unscented - very important - most products are too scented for me to even consider using.  Can deal with some light scents that dissipate quickly.  I know it was silicone but I'm willing to use it if it gives me those beautiful curls.  I have literally saved a tube for years to use on special occasions - it was so good for my hair.  I think I'm a 2c but this made me somewhere in the 3's.  Haven't found anything else like it - anyone care to make a recommendation?  I'd buy this up again in an instant if I could.   But they started making another product called Straight that is so heavily scented it literally closed throat and thought I was going to choke before I got it out of my hair.  So scents are a concern.  My hair is also very thin and if I manipulate it too much I lose my curls.  Just goes straight.  This was great - curls with no crunch and didn't leave weighed down wet look.  If I could make it myself I would - tried to make flaxseed gel once (yuck).  Thanks in advance, any help or suggestions anyone could give would be very much appreciated.  

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