the under layer of my hair is very ringlety and curly whilst my top is mildly wavy how do i fix this

my nana has the same kind of hair as i do but she's not someone i could pick up the phone and ask about hair troubles but from pictures her hair has always been massively curly and even but my hair tends to be very curly just on the bottom. I'm new to the community and i don't know really how to treat my curls. I just take showers at night and put my hair in this messyish bun trick my friend taught me for curls then i just mist my hair and put lotion in it and scrunch. Is there anything else I could do to bring out my natural curls?

1 Answer

You can't fix that without trying to style it by braiding or twisting or things of that nature. That's your natural hair pattern and so it's going to look like that for a while (because sometimes hair patterns do change). Also make sure you use a satin scarf at night so your hair wont fall out and you can figure out which stylers might work on your hair through YouTube