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I've always kept my hair cut close almost bald.  I can not find a moisturizer for my hairI am trying to let my hair grow After 19 yrs of wearing it short and close.  It was growing at a fast pace and next thing my edges on the left side of my head is breaking  and my hair is now at a stand point (it is not growing) I have tried many product such as Shea moisture products, cantu, just as I am ( made my hAir more brittle) Camille rose  products, shampoos by same company, I have tried many conditioners  plus leave in conditioners  that I must use the curl moisture to keep my hair from being dry and brittle.  I really need help.   I am so close to going to a barber  please helpCan you please recommend some products I am at lost.  BY: Lsarahkh ( 4b ) | 2 weeks agoTOPIC: PRODUCTS
I think what you're feeling is texture, not dryness. Are you sealing your hair with an oil?
yes  I combined the followingVirgin coconut oilOlive oilRosemary oilJojoba oilJamaica black castor oil Thank you so much for responding