Looking for personal advice

Hello,Im having a heck of a time  finding products, as soon as i find something  that works it stops working  it seems .Typical  I  go  with lotions/ creams/light oils.I stay away from butters( too heavy) gels and leave in  conditioners -oddly leave ins seem to weigh my hair down and dry me out rather then moisturize .Lately it seems  my hair  is in need  of more moisture but  I can't seem to find  products that will give me  a natural feel ,look,movement  while providing what my hair needs.right now i get dull ,frizzy and stiff  I have 3b medium- high porosity  ,high density ,medium width .Any advice/product suggestion would be greatly appreciated thank you 

1 Answer

What kind of shampoo are you using and how often do you cleanse?