Looking for products for stringy, dry hair

I'm looking for product recommendations for my hair! Parts of my hair are 2a all the way up to 3a. My hair is fine and it is so dry and stringy. In the past I've used OGX coconut milk shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner did nothing to moisturize my hair no matter how much I used and how long I left it in. I usually wash every 3-4 days. I also used NYM kinky moves cream. I liked it ok. My curls had more definition. However, my hair always looks frizzy, dry, and stringy. My curls don't form together at all. I've been trying devacurl LO-poo, one conditioner, and ultra defining gel. My hair still looks dry and stringy. It looks worse than it did before. Can someone give me recommendations to moisturize my hair so it isn't dry and stringy and actually forms together? The photo attached is after using devacurl. My curls have almost no definition. 

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