Looking for a styling product to use on DRIED 2B-3A caucasian hair for separation and shine?

hair is shoulder length now, and I tend to put it into a couple of two-strand twists, or a couple of dutch braids for sleeping - the wave formation is pretty lovely when I take them down in the morning. I'd like to find a product to work through my ends to get them to clump, collapse, and give some separation to my hair so that it looks less 70s disco hair, with lovely smooth waves on top and a cotton-candy texture at the ends with a ton of volume. Shine serums don't do much for me besides dry out my hair, plus I don't really suffer from frizz - hair is healthy. Thinking a spray wax type of texture, but without hold and with slip - does such a thing exist? I don't know what to start searching for. Thanks!

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