Would Love Product Recs for Coarse, Thick Hair

I have thick coarse hair. It is either low porosity or normal. I tried devacurl and it really dried me out. My hair breaks upon an elasticity test, which, correct me if I am wrong, indicates a need for moisture rather than protein. I am wanting maximum curlage possible for a 2b/2c. I need shampoo, conditioner and styling recs. I don't mind a cleansing conditioner (i.e. no lather) but can't co-wash (i.e. V05) as I could never get past the (for me extremely long) adjustment period. Thanks for any help.PS Photo attached, no makeup, sorry, it was a yardwork day and I was fresh out the shower.

2 Answers

For shampoo, I would recommend the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Shampoo (Sally Beauty, Ulta, drugstores, or Target), I find the entire Manuka Honey collection of theirs moisturizing on my dry, lightened hair. The shampoo has a great lather, smells delicious, and I don't find it to build up on me (my scalp hates build up). For conditioner, I recommend the Generic Value Products Conditioning Balm from Sally Beauty (about $7), it's in a white bottle with black writing. It is great protein-free condish and perfect to use in the shower for detangling. Many girls here love the Yes to Coconuts Conditioner (Target, Walmart, drugstores, Ulta), but I haven't personally tried it. For styling, I like the As I Am Leave In Conditioner (Sally, Walmart. Kinky Curly Knot Today is also very popular leave-in here) and the LA Looks Gels in either Mega Mega (yellow, "level 9" hold) or Sport (blue, "level 10") hold, these don't leave my hair super crunchy because I use the LCEG method (leave-in, cream, enhancer, gel) but when I want to get rid of some of it, I just scrunch the crunch out or twist the strand with the crunch to release the gel cast.
That was a great answer. I just want to add, I am protein sensitive and have recently started using As I Am leave-in conditioner with a little oil for sealing in moisture and the As I Am curling jelly on top of that. It softens my (sometimes stiff) hair and enhances the curl.