mixed porosity?

hello,I tried the porosity test a few times and  some of my hair stays afloat while part of it sinks does this indicate that I have both high and low porosity? If so should I play around with product intended for both?

1 Answer

The porosity tests on the site are just junk science to be honest. I too tried them when I first visited here and the ladies in the curl talk forum let me know that it's not accurate. However, with that said, it is absolutely possible and actually very common to have both high and low porosity. High porosity hair is usually caused by damage. For example, I just recently got my hair analysis back and it was determined that my roots are low porosity (as they are super healthy new growth) mid-shaft, my hair is normal porosity, and the ends are high porosity. This is because I spent years blow drying and flat ironing my hair and I'm just now starting to take care of it and learn how to have healthy curls. If you've used heat or chemicals on your hair in the past, colored your hair, or anything like that, it's probably safe to assume that at least your ends are high porosity. This means that they will lose moisture just as quickly as they absorb it and you need to pay extra special attention to them to try and add moisture and seal it in. I'd HIGHLY recommend getting a hair analysis done by Goosefootprints on Etsy. You can get the full one for only $25 or the shortened one for $14 and trust me it is WELL WORTH the money. The woman who does it will ask you to send her samples of your hair and fill out a questionnaire so that she knows exactly what you'd like to have answered by the analysis...and trust me..you get all that you are hoping for and then tons more! I found out that my hair is slightly to moderately coarse, the porosity I mentioned above, and even that my hair has subtle kinking. She gave me recommendations on products and what ingredients will work best for my specific hair. Any follow up questions I had I emailed to her and she responded within minutes. If you really want to know what will work for you specifically I'd say this is the best thing you could do.Good luck!