Modestly priced conditioners, creams, gels, etc. for fine, dense, medium porosity 3C curls?

I live in Alaska, so selection is limited and availability online is a must!

1 Answer

Hi nannerbelle, Here are a few hair product i recommend that are easy to find online and are all great for 3c hair. Cantu product line all of there hair products work for me and they range between 6 to 8 dollars, Highly recommend. Also shea moisture line great creams, shampoos, ectecThese are around 11 to 12 dollars. As for gel I only recommend eco styler, these come in many different kinds I like the olive oil one and the argon oil one. There are many reviews on the different gels so browse before you make a puchase. These are online for about 5 dollars. One store to look in before you go online is Target and any hair stores you may find around there; the hair store will be the same online but you don't have to worry about paying for shipping. Hope this helped answer your question:)