My mom is resistent to trying new products?

A lot of the products I have do not work very well for my hair. But my mom thinks they're "fine" and my hair looks "fine". She thinks I'm obsessed with my hair just because I go on this website a lot, and there are times when she acts like she wants me to stop caring for it! She also seems to think there are only two or three companies that make good quality products, and everything else is not worth buying. I don't know what to do. Please help. I'm 13 years old so I'm going to be under her care for a while.

1 Answer

OMG! I know exactly how you feel (I'm 13 too!). I realized that I couldn't just make my mom buy all the hair products I need, and expect every single one to work. I got a summer job walking the dogs in my neighborhood. Then me and my mom made a deal; every time I want to try something new for my hair (for the first time) , I buy it first with my own money, then if it works, my mom will buy it for the rest of the time. So what I'm saying is I would find a way to make money so that my mom won't be using her money on things that might not even work for my hair. So far this plan is working great, I make just enough money to try new things and my moms happy! PS. liked your question and I'm following you.Hope this helps!