Moving to Spain Where can i buy curly hair products? Or A brand available in spain for curly hair?

I'm moving to Spain in the fall and i'm a huge fan of the kinki curly line, as i am and other very popular brands amongst us curlies that are easily available in the US (jessie's curls, shea moisture, eden bodyworks etc.). So if anyone knows where to get these in Spain (affordable shipping please !!!) or if you have any recommendations as to brands available in Spain that are good for curly hair i would appreciate the info. 

1 Answer

There are some speacialized shops that only sell hair products, maybe you could try there. Amazon usually has good shipping rates if you spend a good amount, otherwise maybe you could try the anti-frizz John Frieda line for curly hair. I used it before but had to stop because it wasn't cruelty free. Also, when you find a hair salon that works well with your hair they'll be ablr to sell you the products you need. I'm sorry, I know it isn't much help!