My hair has died! It's so FLAT! Low porosity, long 3a hair HELP!

I've recently gotten really fed up with my hair. It is low porosity, thin hair, but it's thick because I have a lot of it. My length is probably 8-12 inches below my shoulder. I have low porosity, long 3a hair.I don't know if I just need to cut it all off, but I really struggle to get any volume at all.I think the products I'm using are not the best for my hair type?! I am CG, but I've found myself lusting after my old Aveda products. OR, I've wanted to give in and straighten it. I usually wash about twice a week. I follow the Deva 3 step method for the most part, but I find my hair is curlier if I do "plopping" afterwards. I then dry it some with a diffuser.Here's what I am currently using:Shampoo: JessiCurl Gentle LatherConditioner: DevaCurl One Condition (My hairdresser switched me to this from DevaCare One Condition, but my hair has been more tangled and frizzier lately.)Leave in styling product:Step 1: BeeMine Deja's Hair Milk (I'm really unhappy with this stuff, my scalp never looks clean and I lost the ability for Day 3 or 4 hair. I was using Deva Styling Cream, but I got fed up with the cost for the amount of product.) **Is there anything like this that works better with my hair type!? Step 2: Deva Ultra Defining GelI am hoping to find someone who has this hair type or experienced this kind of problem. It's taken me so long to grow out my hair that I don't want to cut it, but I feel like my hair is so gross no matter what I do!

3 Answers

Have you tried a clarifying shampoo? That always helps my low porosity curls come back to life. You use a lot of products and that could cause the flatness. I use a leave in and gel and have to clarify 2, sometimes 3 times a week.
I have been experiencing a lot of the same problems lately with my hair. I have about the same length and 3b curls. I have the same low porosity curls and thickness. Lately i have been after showering, using loreal ever curl cream and argon oil in my hair. This has been giving me more volume and not weighing my hair down as much. 
Youre using too much product. Too much product weighs hair down. I know this because I had the same problem so I dont use any styling products whatsoever and my hair isnt flat anymore, also, you need to get layers to take some weight off of the curls so they can curl up.