My hair is 2c curly wavy The top is curly wavy and the bottom layer of my hair is sort of straight.

2 Answers

are you looking for product sugggetions? the texture and pattern of your curl can change with phases of your life. mine was super curly during pregnancy and then when i use all over color it tends to be a looser wave. remember to deep condition and deep treatment to regain the hair's natural beauty. 
I am sorry, I am looking for good advice for hair products! My Iphone wouldnt allow me to enter my entire question! But yes, My hair is 2c curly, course and easily frizzes.  Im aware that Im need of moisture, but I am not sure what products would work best on my hair type.  My hair is curly/wavy on the top layers of my hair, and the bottom half of my hair is more wavy straight for some reason.  Before my hair use to completely curl.  My hair is healthy and I use oil treatments for my hair.  But I want products that will help my hydrate my hair all day and define my locks!