My second attempt at transitioning, my hair type is 3c curly coily. What product should I use?

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Hi there!  This is my first attempt at transitioning.  So far I'm in my 6th month.  I still have a lot of relaxer in my hair which I guess I could categorize as 3b or possible 3a.  My natural hair is 3c with some wannabe 4a coils along the back edge.  The first product that got me through not needing to relax was Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding.  It soften the coils while curling the relaxed part nicely so the contrast wasn't too striking.  Now this product is pricey, but worth it; however, being on a budget led me to search for a cheaper alternative.  I found that in Nothing But Pure Pudding.  While not as dense as Miss Jessie's, it still gave me the curls I needed and, more importantly, the shine I was looking for at a fraction of the cost.  For cleansing I had been co-washing with my regular conditioners (Pantene, Suave, Aussie) and shampooing about once a week.  Then I discovered L'Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner.  I prefer this over their EverCurl cleanser.  Another good co-wash is Eden Body Work Coconut Cowash.  I've read articles about silicones and found those in the two styling products I like so I figured I'd try something without to see how my hair behaved.  The Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Curl Defining cream is almost all natural and made my 3c and 4a bits quite docile and very moist, but the 3b parts looked stringy.  Maybe the oils were too much.  The moisture lasts, but I missed the shine and springiness I got from my Miss Jessies Curly Pudding and Nothing But Pure Pudding.  I know that it is probably due to the small amount of silicone they contain, but I feel they are worth keeping in rotation.  The other product I can't live without is Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera gel.  Yes, the one you buy in the skincare aisle for $4.  It is great for setting curls without the crunch or for days you want to pull your hair back.  I hope this helps.  My sister, who has been natural for years now, started a Facebook page called "Birth of Natural" and now she lets me co-host it so I have been posting product reviews as I go along my transitioning journey.  I still haven't done the Big Chop, but perhaps by my birthday this fall, I'll be ready!  Good luck to you!!
Thank you! Very helpful.
This isn't a product recommendation, but a style recommendation. Try a Silk/Satin scarf braid-out to blend your natural hair with your transitioning hair.Here's how to do it: