Natural oils & butters are water insoluble (like silicones). Don't they cause buildup problems?

For the Curly Chemist! If the problem with silicones is that they aren't water soluble and can build up on hair, isn't this also true of natural oils, butters and waxes? I cowash, and have started adding some olive oil in my products and have used shea butter and other natural oils and butters, and like the result. But the only way to get them off  my hands is to wash them off my hands with soap and water.  Won't they build up as well?  Should I start to use a sulfate free cleanser?  And if I'm doing that, I could just start using silicones, right?

2 Answers

I'm not the Curly Chemist, but for me, the way I can tell if a product is truly water soluble, is to put it on my hands and see how easy it washes off with water. Try that trick for any products that have shea butter and natural oils and see what happens. As far as just using natural oils, like coconut oil, you're right. Water and oil do not mix, so it will be harder to rinse them out. However, unlike silicones, they're gentle enough that I don't think they will cause a lot of buildup. If you see buildup, try that sulfate free cleanser, or a clarifying shampoo. It should do the trick. You can use silicones if you're using sulfates...but I recommend limiting the use of cones. It's known to dry out the hair in the long run as well as cause buildup. 
Hey erfrank23! I answered your question in this article here.