Are all the naturally curly products made for all curlies or some for specific hair types?

I  know you can lessen the use or amount of product for different hair types, but are there NaturallyCurly products for specifics?

2 Answers

I personally don't think they are from my own experience. I also have 4a hair and I've purchase so many so called curl cremes, curl mousse, curl soufflé, and personally, I get awful results from most products. Honestly, what has worked BEST for my curls (believe it or not) is when I rub a bit of Blue Magic Organics on my hair before applying Eco Gel. The gel dries beautiful shiny and soft and my coils are absolutely gorgeous! Gel alone makes for horrible second day hair and all those so called curl cremes tend to leave residue on my hair type. 
Which products are you considering?