Neck/Ear/Shoulder Itch Allergy to?

I started embracing my naturally wavy hair a few months ago. I switched over to shea moisture shampoos and conditioners (which I've used before), and started using leave in conditioners and styling products (creams, gels, mousses) to define and ween off blow outs. About two weeks ago my shoulders started itching after I went for a run and then went to the beach (no shower until I got home, no shame in my game). I thought maybe it was a little sunburn or something. As the days passed it got worse and eventually my hairline at my neck and my ears got very irritated and itchy. I assume it was a product that I would sweat onto my neck and shoulders when I ran, and between the sun beating down and my pores opening while exercising it exacerbated the reaction. I switched what I thought was bothering me (I had thought it was AG re:coil), and it persisted until a few days ago. I can't quite tell, but I have a hunch that it was either just natural products in general (essential oils etc) or it was specifically that I got really into mousses because they were working so well for my hair.I noticed the mousses have surfactants (mild and low on the list) but I could imagine those would be irritating. Anyone have experience or anything to add about this kind of itchy reaction. I'm hoping it is not the beautiful shea moisture shampoos and conditioners. And i'm hoping it's not just a reaction to polymers in general, meaning I couldn't use any gels mousses or creams except KCCC. Help!!!!

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