Need help with my roots

I have 2a hair but my roots are really puffy. So is there any type of product that can help straighten my roots?(The picture is an example of what I want my roots to look like)

1 Answer

I have trouble with frizz on the top of my head. In the middle of June I started doing a coconut oil mask weekly. I put it on with a cotton ball, focusing on my scalp (I also had trouble with dry scalp; not sure if the frizz and scalp were related), let it sit for half and hour or so, and washed it out. As far as frizziness goes, I wouldn't say the results are super dramatic, but I did see results! Another thing is I never brush my hair unless I'm going to straighten it because brushing it out just makes it poof out everywhere. Perhaps these things could help you. Good luck. :)