New to wavy/curly 2b hair - looking for the best high density curl enhancer

Hi all, I've been reading for a while trying to get an idea of what product to try, but I'm just not sure. I recently chopped off my waist-length hair to above the shoulders. Since losing all of that extra weight, my previously straight/wavy hair has become wavy/curly (I think it's 2b). I love the little curls that appear naturally and want to encourage them to fully form with a good curl enhancer/definer. My problem is that most articles and blogs recommend a light mousse for wavy hair to keep it from being weighed down, but a thicker gel or cream for high density hair, which I have in abundance. I've been considering Curl Junkie CCCC, Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel, and AG Re:coil, but I'd love some advice for my first foray into curly girl products. Thanks!

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