Is it ok to use sulphates every now and then?

1 Answer

One's ability to use sulfates varies from person to person. I, for example, have experienced no problems with them so I continue to use shampoos with sulfates in them (sulfate free shampoos actually don't clean my scalp enough, but I may not have found a "good" one). Either way, I don't mess with sulfate free shampoos; my hair feels clean but my scalp doesn't. That's how my hair reacts to it. So, I would say to try sulfate shampoos and see how your hair reacts to it. You'll know if your hair doesn't like it. If you're a person that has chose the co-washing only method, you will want to use a sulfate shampoo every once in a while (say, once a month?) to get the build-up out. Conditioners are designed to leave deposits on the hair as a conditioning agent.  It is not wise to leave that on your hair