Has the original Devacurl One Condition's formula changed?

I was just wondering if anyone has noticed a difference with Devacurl one condition since they've come out with the other conditioners in the line? I'm trying to decide if my hair just isn't responding anymore or if the product itself is different. I feel like its thinner, I have to use 5-8 pumps of the conditioner to saturate my (really short) hair and when I get my hair wet again my hair still feels dry even when I leave some conditioner in under my leave in. I feel like one conditioner used to have more of a creamy consistency and now it feels more like a... serum?  I know for sure that when I used it before, my hair would feel silky and hydrated after I washed it out again. Heck, I used to only use one condition as a conditioner and leave in, and then some anGel on top for YEARS and had the most amazing hydrated defined curls even with color treated hair! Now my hair is 100% color free and it practically feels naked even with plenty of one condition left in my hair. I've tried a ton of different cocktails that used to work so well and my hair is still rough and frizzy from this conditioner. Whats going on? 

3 Answers

I'm so sorry, I'm not sure. I know they did change the formula, but I think it was a few months ago- a year ago. But I'm trying DevaCurl and I've noticed the same thing. 
I just picked up some of the DevaCurl One Condition and I can tell the formula has definitely changed---the scent too--- It smells like how their Arc Angel gel does --it's a nice scent but it feels like they made a mistake because it feels like I put gel hold in my hair instead of moisturizing conditioner. ---going to return the products to Ulta today and exchange for the DevaCurl Decadence conditioner (since I already use the no-poo) Still love DevaCurl just wondering what happened with the original formula --glad to know I'm not the only one.
Exactly the same here! Maybe this site has some pull with DevaCurl and they can get us some answers....Most importantly, what do we use now that the original formula no longer works for us?!