After this past Wash Day my hair doesn't feel the same, did I do something wrong?

I recently moved so I am temporarily away from my "holy grail" hair products..So how long should I give new products before I decide if they are bad for me or not? This past wash day I did the same routine as last week's (hot oil treatment, shampoo, deep condition) but this time I tried a new shampoo, hair masque, and I incorporated my leave in conditioner back in. Could the products be the reason for the change or should I keep using them for awhile? 

1 Answer

I am inclined to say don't stick it out! What you experienced is likely the result of different products! I tried a Shea Moisture Shea Butter Masque and it matted and dried my hair out when it should have been so rich for my hair type!  For me certain proteins and ingredients don't agree with my hair and that is what happened. I returned the product to Sally and tried something else. You likely had some adverse reaction to new ingredients or old ingredients used in higher concentrations than you're used to having. Also, the water (hard/soft) at a new place can make a difference and react with ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner as well. I would look for new products. Knowing your hair porosity can help as protein sensitivity isn't that uncommon for low porosity hair. And you can be low porosity with any curl pattern. Just my experience. I hope you work it out so your hair can be happy again soon! ;D