Product advice for 3B-3C high porosity, protein craving, dry hair

Hi everyone! I've been trying to do some research on new products to use for my hair because I'm sort of tired of trying random things and hoping for the best. I've sort of figured out that I'm high porosity (from years of relaxing my hair, I'm guessing) and I think this means my hair craves protein? I'm also guessing that I'm somewhere between a 3b/3c (photo below for reference...I'm second from the left). I did a deep condition yesterday of some Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Condish, greek yogurt, and some agave syrup and it left my hair really nice and bouncy and shiny and happy. Today, it's still got some nice curl pattern but is already dull again and I'm guessing it has something to do with a lack of protein again.I would really love to figure out which products you protein craving curlies use for leave in conditioners, moisturizers (are these necessary on top of an LI?), and/or styling gels or creams. I'm currently using Deva Curl No-Poo, Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Condish as a rinse out and leave in, and CJ Curls in a Bottle (don't think this is working well) for styling. I am clueless about what to do for second day hair as spritzing with water doesn't seem to work at all...makes me a frizzy mess.I've also read that using Apple Cider Vinegar could help me with clarifying which I think I may need as I've been living in London for the past 8 months and the water here is incredibly hard.Wow, sorry for the ton of questions, but I've just been getting so overwhelmed by all the great advice on this website that I'd love for someone to just help me specifically. That said, I would absolutely love any and all advice you guys have for restoring my hair! Thanks so so much, lovely curlies :)

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before you do another protein treatment make sure that your hair is not in need of moisture. If your protein moisture balance is off your hair will not react to products that you know works.I usually deep treat my hair 4-6 times before I do a protein 
Try Olive Oil as a pre-poo. Then do an ACV rinse once a month to remove build-up. Don't shampoo your hair in between those ACV rinses, one a month should be good enough.Once a week, deep condition using something like this (They work for me):, keep your hair very moisturized whenever you style it. Stay away from silicone-based products (any ingredient on the back that ends in CONE) and keep some oil and shea butter on hand.
great protein conditioner is palmers coconut protein, it's cheap and I find it really works even just as a treatment for 30mins.  A good styler is Shea moisture coconut hair milk, as it's moisturising and has silk proteins. Try paks store near frimley park for products 
Thanks so much for all of the feedback! This has been really helpful. I'm still a bit uncertain about whether I need protein, but I'm going to try to focus on moisturizing for now as I definitely know it's a bit dry. I just finished doing an ACV rinse and my hair felt a bit stringy and weird but, after some leave-in, it's feeling better. I'll definitely stay away from cones and look into these deep conditioners as well. Thanks!Devri1, I see that you reviewed Tangles in Pasadena...I'm actually from Pasadena and moving back home in a month. I've been into Tangles to pick up DevaCurl products but maybe I'll stick around for a cut next time!